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5608 Eugene Field Rd Kansas City, MO 64119

True or False: My pet received 3 year vaccines so it doesn't need to go to the vet for 3 years.   

Answer: Absolutely False!!! While 3 year vaccines are safer for your pet, your pet will age about 21 human years during that span.  A lot can change for your pet during that time.  Your veterinarian can examine your pets teeth and oral health, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, legs, heart, abdomen, and skin.  Blood testing will test for heartworms,  check the liver, kidneys, protein levels, screen for anemia, infection, diabetes, and electrolyte abnormalities. Beyond 5 years of age, thyroid and urine testing are needed to evaluate for abnormalities.  An intestinal parasite exam will test the fecal matter for intestinal parasites.  Don't delay!  Call us today!

Top Ten Reasons to take your pets to

Claycomo Animal Hospital

  1. Our staff is FRIENDLY and HELPFUL!!!! DSC_0161_1.JPG
  2. We educate you about what is best for you and your pet and help you provide the level of care you desire.
  3. We provide thorough follow up calls to make sure your pet is doing well after their visit.
  4. We offer open 7am - 6pm Monday through Friday so you don't have to waste your Saturday morning at the Vet!
  5. We perform pre-anesthetic blood testing prior to most anesthetic procedures.  Just like humans, our pets receive an IV catheter and fluids during most anesthetic procedures to ensure the safest conditions.
  6. We are priced competitively with 1800petmeds on heartworm/flea & tick preventatives.
  7. We accept Care Credit which provides you the opportunity to pay any balance over 6 months with NO INTEREST!!! 
  8. Our clinic is clean and smells good!!!
  9. We see your sick/injured pet as soon as possible.  
  10. We feel privileged you chose us to care for your pet!!!!

DSC_0184_copy.jpg Do you consider your pet part of your family?

Does your pet sleep next to you?

Would you like to be informed about what's best for you and your pet?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then Dr. Justin W. Roach  at Claycomo Animal Hospital is your Kansas City, Liberty, and Gladstone Veterinarian as we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.  The bond between pets and their owners is now stronger than ever and continues to grow. For many, pets are our children or treated just the same. Through comprehensive preventive care focusing on oral and internal health, parasite prevention, nutrition and weight management, we can maintain this strong bond as long as possible. Let our skilled and knowledgeable staff partner with you to provide what's best for your pet.

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