“Best people and Vet ever! I was a nervous new dog owner and even wanted Lucy (golden retriever) checked for cancer because she is so chill. They laughed at me and assured me ‘no need to worry.’

Great people that really helped this veteran!”
— Darin S.

“Dr. Roach and his staff are amazing. They are always so kind and caring towards me and my dog, they have taken not good but great care of us each time we’ve come in. I could not recommend a veterinarian and business higher than them. I’d give them higher than 5 stars if that was an option. We came from the Animal Clinic of Antioch Annex where the vet was nice, but his staff (Michelle, the woman at the desk who deals with you) was so rude, condescending, mean and disrespectful, we decided to never go back and then looked for a new vet. Claycomo Animal Hospital was such a wonderful, welcome change in our vet care. His staff treat my pet like their very own, and we could not be happier!”

— Dianne D.

“Our family has been going here for about 5 years, and the service is exceptional. The vet and each of his staff couldn’t be better. Very attentive, kind, and you can tell they each have a genuine love of what they do. Our beloved aging cat had to be put down last year and the doctor was very compassionate. Before then, our cat always hated any other vets we went to, and we tried several. Most other vets and staff didn’t have the patience to deal with him. This office though was very patient and even though he still didn’t like going to the vet, he would at least let them work on him here without having a panic attack. Our other cat who is alive and well and our dog are both regular customers and don’t mind the office visit one bit. We moved out of the neighborhood a few months ago but still continue to go here even though it’s out of our way, and will continue to do so. Highest recommendation I can give.”

— Ben W.

“Claycomo Animal Hospital made the “vet” experience so wonderful for my kitty and I. I had been to many vets in the last few years with my asthmatic cat, and I initially felt nervous coming to Kansas City without knowledge of any vets here. Fortunately, Claycomo animal hospital was the closest, and their help and knowledge blew me away. Dr. Roach made several phone calls directly to me, helped me get an inhaler and medicine at the cheapest rates by buying directly from manufacturers. My cat is doing better than he ever has before. He is happier, has more energy, and is the rambunctious and clumsy cat that he once was.”

— Rachael H.

“Went to Claycomo Animal Hospital the day before Thanksgiving on recommendation of my mother. She had read rave reviews about them. And their proximity to my home, as well as the $20 off for new customers also helped. Honky (my cat) was scratching his ears alot, and was whining as he scratched, so researched on the net and discovered he had ear mites. Called Claycomo Animal Hospital, and they were able to get me in within an hour! Was great especially since it was the night before a holiday. Michelle was VERY nice to my cat, and was able to answer all our questions. They took Honky back to have an ear wash (from which I understand he didn’t like all that much). They were very nice to my cat. He was never scared or uncomfortable except once (but who would like a thermometer in their bum…). I would recommend Claycomo Animal Hospital to anyone needing a compassionate place to take their pets. I know that my pet is just like a child, and I want nothing but the best for him, and I found it in Claycomo Animal Hospital. Thanks Dr. Roach, Michelle and all the staff. I want to also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!”

— John K.